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4/5 ⭐ | A Test of Faith by Scott Maynard

A refreshing and down to Earth true story. This book moved me on so many levels. I know personally there was so many scenarios that I could relate to. The even better point to be made here is that from my perspective anyone and everyone can relate to A Test of Faith.

I enjoyed the fact that I could simply not put the book down. As the reader journeys through Scott Maynard's story you get that brutal honesty of life and its many cycles, trials, and tribulations.

The beautiful part of this story of an average man who could be you or myself is summed up in one word, faith. Throughout the book from childhood to adulthood from one situation to another; some good, others bad or even worse, from struggles to losses and even physical injuries. The author's faith in God allowed him to be lead through it all.

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