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Review: 5/5 ⭐ | Baptized by Love

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

A very easy to understand and honest account of a personal transformation for the author. More importantly a caring path that arrives in self-discovery through working on traumas, personal issues of guilt or doubt and counteracting these obstacles by meeting them with forgiveness and self-love. Hense the intense yet beautiful title of Baptized by Love. The author guides the readers on ways to understand these things and better our lives through methods that she personally utilized and how the reader can put these same ideas into use for helping themselves.

These techniques are a solid way for others to seek out the truth that we often search for and how one can bring about change through truth and self discovery. This is the second of Danet Palmer's books that I have read and reviewed. I feel Baptized by Love as well as Coffee with the Divine are both amazing books that classically go well together, yet; Baptized by Love goes further in healing with the concept. I recommend the beauty of each book grouped together and at the same time Baptized by Love stands on its own just as the author's previous work does!! Danet Palmer is an excellent writer and her book reaches out to help people in an easy to understand approach. Once I started reading I couldn't stop!!!

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