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Review: 5/5 ⭐ | The Heart of a Rose

This lovely book of a collection of poems touches on every emotion that one could think of concerning relationships. The Heart of a Rose by Teresa James. Starting out with a beautiful poem regarding the station of a rose among other flowers and it's delicate yet protected nature. This description of a rose and what it takes to collect and treasure this flower begins the emotional roller coaster of feelings.

From the beginnings of a romantic relationship to the many things that a rose could mean or represent. The Heart of a Rose continues down an amazing but realistic journey of love. Touching on boundaries as well as addressing such important realities as abuse and the loss of love. Beautifully keeping the rose as a symbol of so many thoughts.

The book keeps you intrigued with its twist and turns going through all of the different feelings that one could have. From grief to betrayal or repairing a relationship to love at first sight all with a touch of intimacy.

The Heart of a Rose by Teresa James is quite a gem. Neatly bringing love to life in so many ways. I really enjoyed this book. It's a must have for any poetry fans who enjoy an intimate journey about love. I really thought it was nice how the author tells us a story with her poetry, it definitely keeps the reader in anticipation and wanting more!! If you are desiring taking this beautiful journey offered in The Heart of a Rose by Teresa James I have provided a link for her website as well as another link where her books are available. You will not be disappointed!!!! Until next time my friends.

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