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Review: 5/5 ⭐ | Jaralii Chronicles Gilraen and the Prophecy Book Three: I Conquered

This series is a spectacular fantasy!!! I Conquered is by far my favorite so far. It has everything your mind could imagine and something for everyone. There is more warfare strategies, even more creatures, which I didn't think was possible, humor, excitement, romance. If you can think of it the author has woven it into the fabric of this storyline.

The third book in the series is mind blowing. The details alone are so impressive and immaculate. The alliances built give this story a wonderful intricacy. Dwarves, giants, elves, humans all in combat for supremacy but will the queen accomplish her goals or be defeated. Will the main character ever get to go home, this question has started to baffle me.

So many questions kept me in suspense, at the same time wanting more. The author has truly established a whole new world without a doubt. Jaralii is a place full of colorful characters of all kinds and in book three a place of epic battles and bloodshed. A nice finish to an amazing trilogy and I'm anxious to see what new adventures lay ahead in book four.

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