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Review: 5/5 ⭐ | A Tale of Magical Ramblings and War

Updated: May 7, 2023

From the first chapter of this amazing tale of magic the reader is drawn into this tale of the main character who is a witch. The description of life and it's stripped down society sets the tone for this fantastic fantasy.

The main character goes from one problem to another problem throughout the book as she tries to save the world. She has visions to guide her sometimes and with a world-wind of magic at her disposal she tries to use her spells against aliens trying to conquer the planet.

It seems that there is no winning the battle until an ally shows up to join the witches magic with the magic of elves. That's not to mention the dragon and other wonders contained in this nicely written fantasy book.

My favorite part of the book is it's relatability to the reader. The author writes very descriptively and there are quite a few excellent characters that appear through the story interacting with the witch!!!! This kept this journey very interesting as the main character tries to save the world.

Will the halfling with his elven magic combined with the witches spells be enough to stop the aliens? Will all the witch's delays and setbacks hinder her or become of importance teaching her things she needs to know?!?! This was a fun-filled journey of epic proportions and I loved every minute of it!!! The interactions between characters as well as conversations were very well written. I found this book to be a gem in its genre. A definite read for fans of science fiction meets fantasy!!!

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