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Review: 4/5 ⭐ | Jaralii Chronicles Gilraen and the Prophecy Book One: I Came

A colorful, wonderful journey into another land filled with magic, weaponry, and strategy. Book One of the Jaralii series is a very well written book full of different creatures and many races of warriors. The author explains in detail many different warriors and wizards.

Book One gives the reader a vision of an imaginative war going on in the perfect storm; a virtual reality. From the beginning a fantasy world is introduced along with an array of characters building the storyline.

The main character has a few surprises coming as he trains preparing for the real battle. Training under different masters to hone in on many different crafts of warfare; we see the magic of wizards to the accuracy of archers.

A splendid book which builds the complexity of a great story. I look forward to seeing book two to see how more of the story unfolds. Book one: I Came gives high expectations to the rest of the Jaralii series!!!!

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