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Panic In the Jungle Book Review

It was supposed to be a fun girl's trip to the Caribbean. Sierra and her friends were looking forward to getting away and reconnecting. When their flight lasts longer than expected Sierra and her friends are on alert for suspicion. Upon landing in Brazil, despite having been told they were in Aruba, men with guns kidnap them and are forced into human trafficking. Their only means to escape is a perilous trek into a dangerous jungle.

This was an action-packed adventure from author Lena Lee. I enjoyed the diverse cast of characters and the theme of friendship and survival that drives the story. I liked how the book alternated between the perspective of Sierra and the girls and George (Sierra's husband) and the girl's worried families back at home in a panic.

I would recommend this book for fans of crime novels and action/adventure. I loved the tropical aspect to the novel and the ominous mood contrasting it.

5/5 Stars

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