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5/5 ⭐ | Panic in the Jungle by Lena Lee

This is my first time reading a book from Lena Lee and I am hooked already. Panic in the Jungle is an emotionally gripping, highly suspenseful, and absorbingly daring—a vacation tale turned into a horrific adventure, one that the characters had to fight their way out with sweat, love, pain and blood. Its a dreadful, emotional and adventurous story of survival and the quest for answers yet unknown. I appreciate the author's amazing start to the story, as we are introduced to different characters in a plain and memorable manner.

The story started with Sierra McAllister, who is a black woman married to the son of a filthy and cruel millionaire, Sam McAllister. At first sight, Sam didn't approve of his son, George, getting married to a black woman. He had told him how disappointed he was for him to bring darkness into his family. While Sam McAllister is a silly racist, part of his hatred for Sierra was connected to a business loss he had in the past that was caused by someone who happened to be related to Sierra. Ellen McAllister, on the other hand, was extremely receptive to Sierra. She loved her dearly.

After eleven years of getting married to George, Sierra had always wanted them to raise a family, but overtly busy George keeps using his business as an excuse. However, a time came when Sierra planned a vacation with her friends to Aruba. A trip they had no idea would incur some hazard on the way. When Sam heard about his daughter-in-law's trip to Aruba, he, out of his hatred for her and his connection, planned a redirect to Brazil, where they would be sold to slavery or probably killed, and Sierra could leave his son's life for good. He had hired and worked with the airline attendants and pilots. He bribed them hugely to do his bidding. Sierra was kidnapped alongside her friends, Lisa, Chloe, and Jenelle, and like a dream, they found themselves in the hands of sinister Raul, who has been in the business of human trafficking for years.

Raul is a deadly guy who has invaded villages and captured girls for human trafficking and sexual abuse. Captured boys to work for him and do his bidding. He was notorious and filthy rich. He had teamed up with Sam to kidnap Sierra for $6 million. I would restrict myself to saying more, as things became rough from here. But I would like you to find out for yourself what becomes of this dreadful adventure. How were Sierra and her friend redirected, kidnapped, and taken to Raul's mansion? It was dreadful and interesting to read. I love the introduction of characters like Eddy and Ashanti, which, to me, added more features to the book. I loved Eddy particularly, especially when he told the story of his years in Raul's captivity, his missing daughter, and many more. Ashanti, too, had her dose of the story. However, when luck came back to Raul, his own men turned against him. How much I loved Domingo's doing. This part reads suspensefully and is my favourite part.

The story was written in its simplest form. With resounding characterization, you can paint an image in your head as you read along. I will love for you to find out what become of Sam McAllister and if Sierra and her friend ever made it back home. This is a tale full of adventure and compassion, especially with regard to Teresa and her neighbour's eventual departure. I could rawly feel the emotion here; it was so moving and outstanding. Written from the third-person narrator's point of view, Panic in the Jungle is an amazing page-turner, and I look forward to exploring more of Lena Lee's future projects.

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