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Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: The Emerald Lake

Jimmy Crikey is an alien who has chosen to live here on earth in Roombelow, a place just under the earth's surface. He has some unusual friends: four witches and Lord Oron, The Weatherman, who controls the weather. One day while Jimmy is visiting the witches they get a call from the Aquamites, a group of mermaids and mermen, who are in great peril and need their help. The Aquamites are being attacked by a bunch of fire-breathing serpent dragons. Can Jimmy, the witches, and Lord Oron get rid of them once and for all?

This is truly a unique sci-fi fantasy read from Wallace E. Briggs. The different worlds of Jimmy, the witches, and the Aquamites are fully developed and described beautifully. The action and adventure starts immediately and doesn't end until the very last page.

I truly found the witch spells witty and interesting and the book left me wanting to know more about them.

I really liked Jimmy's friendly relationship with the witches and it reminded me of my dear friends from my school days. I think a wide variety of ages will enjoy this children's book and maybe learn some science in the process. I would particularly recommend the book for young boys into fantasy or science and young girls who like witches.

I give this book 4/5 stars

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