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5/5 ⭐ | Vampire DragQueen: A BWWM Paranormal Romance by Reiu Luna

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

You would think with a title like that there wouldn't be too much beyond your imagination but it is the exact opposite. The author starts the novel with the two main characters Tam and Ash who are witches on the run. After running for around a decade they decide to settle down in a hidden city of Louisiana.

Full of the paranormal, the reader would think this would be the perfect place for two young witches to settle down. However on the contrary the two brought quite the attention to themselves. During the sisters' time there, they were eventually drawn into the likes of the Blood Rose, a stripper's lounge where they would meet some colorful characters such as the one and only Bubba. Bubba is a werebear who helps run the lounge and its array of customers.

I really enjoyed the characters of this book and the interactions between the different characters. The author could write many, many other stories branching off into back stories of many other characters in this novel. Yet regardless they are all right here in this colorful book of this seedy, paranormal stories

Both sisters find themselves in love interests although not in society's atypical way. Will the sisters find the peace and love that they seek in this hidden town in Louisiana or will their desire's lead them to a different place in life altogether.

With the many twist and turns of this plot the readers are always left on the edge; not sure of what was coming up next. At every grasping moment just when one thinks they have it figured out, the author throws us another curve; leaving us hanging.

A very well written story with an excellent plot. A paranormal journey into witchcraft and vampirism, where lust and true love have no boundaries at all; not even when faced by a bloodthirsty transvestite.


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