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5/5 ⭐ | The Turbulent Mind Of Jynxie Lynn

The Turbulent Mind of Jynxie Lynn is beautifully and skillfully written. I am a Big Fan of Jessica's Poetry. I have read many of her pieces on social media. Although nothing compares to having a full collection of her literary works in hand. These are the kind of poems that grab you and leave you thinking…

In this Poetry book you will find every emotion expressed and life situations from love, loss, betrayal, and motherhood. Each poem has a very unique rhythmic flow and great significant meaning. Many poems are metaphoric and the words used to deliver her message are clear and concise.

I love everything about this Poetry book and can go on and on… It's not often that I can

sit down and read a Poetry book and feel wowed by the author's emotions. Jessica will move you with her words. Her poems embody the pain, loss, or disappointment within the poem which you can feel.

If you are a lover of Poetry and have been through any rough times, hard relationships, turbulent days, and hurt. Then you will totally relate. If that is not the case you will still see the genius in this wonderful book of Poetry!


Click the eBook to get your copy!

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