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5/5 ⭐ | The Sound of the Broken Wand: The Poems by Tiki Black

When I read Poetry I like to embrace the author's ability to touch the soul. Surely this book does it and every page turn is a situation unfolding. The Sound of the Broken Wand is skillfully written in a way that exemplifies the art of expressing words that resonate. In addition, the poems have a distinctive flow and rhythm. It helps to paint a picture with great meaning.

The pages are illustrated and aesthetically pleasing. Which also made the book an enjoyable read for me. I especially liked the Poem titled "The Poison Apple". The choice of words used to deliver the message is brilliant. I found it thought provoking and capable of having many different meanings, depending on how one may interpret it. Nonetheless this passage is powerful, which expounds on a deep necessity to respect others and to give Love.

In this book of Poetry you will find inspiration, sadness, regret, and contemplations. I enjoyed the prose inserted between the poems, it is informative and an expression of the author's perspective on life's situations. Which I found to be straightforward, relatable, and encouraging. I recommend this book to all who love Poetry.

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