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5/5 ⭐ | The Sibyl by Hamant Singh

Excellent, dark poetry using symbolism from many cultures and intertwining them with concepts of the author's alone. From the beginning I was amazed by the dualities brought forth.

The descriptive language in the poetry is captivating. As I read through the book letting my mind wander into its own depths, I found the poetry thought provoking in a wondrous way.

The author has the book broken down into three parts which to me flowed effortlessly. These parts are conception, festering, and chaos. I found the use of entities and beings to connect different cultures, hence connecting people. We all learn from each other and exploring the chaos within is something we all can relate to.

One of the best poetry books I have read in awhile. I can also see myself picking it up again and again because there is much knowledge lurking in it's amazing words.

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