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5/5 ⭐ | The Heart of a Rose by Teresa James

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Poems have a way of embracing readers fully and wrapping them in the emotions the author seeks to elicit. In the case of author Teresa James, she attracts a large swath of readers as her poems draw on the heart strings of love and relationships.

Making this read even more enjoyable was the audio nature of it. Courtney Y. Burgess’ voice is made for this book of poems. She enchants you into the words, rhymes, and feelings in James’ penning of “The Heart of a Rose.” Admittedly, this was my first audiobook of poems and whoa, the power, intensity and mark left on me from hearing these poems read aloud was breathtaking.

Aptly named for the interspersed flowers and roses in the stories told, “The Heart of a Rose” takes readers through the tides of relationships, from meeting to falling and failing and back again. This book is broken into seven chapters, each with a leading theme. In each chapter there was a poem that especially resonated with me and grounded me to the rose title and chapter theme. For instance, in chapter one it was the poem titled “Why a Rose” which enlightened readers to the role a rose can play in so many things, in chapter two it was the poem titled “Yes I’m a Rose.”

The combination of James’ words, read by Burgess is not to be missed. They will soothe your heart, reach your inner depth, and embrace you to your core.

Click the book to get your copy today!

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