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5/5 ⭐ | The Final Millennium: An Alternate History Thriller by David T. Wolf

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The prologue of “The Final Millennium” may leave you believing this is a story about United States Nuclear Submarine, USS Blackfish. And I suppose at the heart of the book it is, but between the journalist, the presidential candidate and his staff, as well as the current president and military think-tank employees this book unravels into a story much, much more thrilling than a singular military submarine alone.

As Russia’s war in Ukraine continues and the recent OceanGate Titan Sub disappearance, the superpowers and weapons at play in this read were ever timely. Set at the turn of the millennium, as the upcoming 2000 presidential election season is in full swing, journalist Dan Jessup is given one final shot to revive his career with a video history of a rapidly rising Republican presidential candidate. However, his journalistic nature leaves him digging for more as Simon White’s stardom and popularity pull so many into his orbit. With little history and not much to go on, Jessup is adamant that something is lurking, no one is as perfect and levelheaded as White surely.

Drawing readers in one thread at a time, this oddball mix of characters, professions, roles, and background makes for a fast-paced read. Each character has such a unique and important purpose in the overall plot of “The Final Millennium” that I found myself hungry to get back to each individual’s point of view. As the finale approached, and everything began to come together, this book and character layout made for an extra entertaining and climactic weaving together of the storylines.

This scarily realistic thriller leaves readers wondering what truly happens behind the political scenes. With bits of romance, religious fanatics, political games, and journalistic integrity, author David T. Wolf has delivered another phenomenal read!

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