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5/5 ⭐ | The Ericksen Connection (A Mark Ericksen Book Thriller 1) by Barry L. Becker

Bringing his firsthand knowledge and experiences to this book, author Barry L. Becker delivers a novel penned like someone who has lived it all. Reading like a non-fiction, Jason Bourne-esque story, the level of detail is impeccable. From the code names to the locale, the action scenes, and the agency insights, it’s incredible the aptitude Becker has brought so comprehensively to this read.

“The Ericksen Connection” reads like a movie. Flashing from setting to setting, big player to big player, as the story winds together, shocking readers at various turns as they unravel the plot in their heads and root for Ericksen, and his partners, every step of the way. The mental warfare Dawkins plays on our lead character, Mark Ericksen, builds the foundation for this book, slamming these two together as they lead separate lives. Upon rejoining civilian life, Ericksen is suffering from PTSD due to the decisions he was forced to make in the heat of battle. Readers are introduced to the realities of re-entry as we navigate civilian life alongside Mark Ericksen.

Ericksen makes an ideal lead as his upheaval from military life drops him squarely into the exciting world of biometric encryption. His new role lends well to his military experiences, while maintaining the action, intrigue, and maybe even romance, that have the pages practically turning themselves. Conversely, our villain is all too realistic as greed begins to cloud one’s judgement, causing a masterful game of cat and mouse to ensue.

“The Ericksen Connection” is the perfect read for fans of Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher, and those who love thrilling action adventures.

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