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5/5 ⭐ | The Darwin Project by David T. Wolf

Dr. Graves has attempted to create a “new Adam.”  Using a bonobo, a type of chimpanzee, and human DNA he’s sought to speed up the evolution of a new sapiens.  Darwin, as this intelligent being is named, has a chimp like body with a larger head.  Created of bonobo parents, raised in a lab and then within the Enright family’s home, Darwin has quickly risen to fame and stardom.  Attending school just like any other human his age, with friends, homework, and woes.  


The Enright family is solely comprised of mom, dad, and their only child Scott, until Darwin enters it.  From the very beginning Darwin and Scott are best friends, of which Scott poignantly details in his English term paper.  However, the ‘Darwin’s Gotta Go Committee’ is aggressively working to have Darwin removed.  As the court date approaches and things begin coming to a head, readers are increasingly aware of the parallels between Darwin and other real life politicized issues.  


“The Darwin Project” may be a fictionalized account of a genetically humanized bonobo, but the way in which author David T. Wolf writes, the story feels increasingly real and a substitute for other very existent, present-day issues.  By the end of this book, whether readers are team Darwin or not, you’ll understand the motivations behind Darwin’s creation scientifically and ethically with this species.


This book is such a quick, all encompassing read.  With “The Darwin Project” Wolf once again shows off his impressive writing talent and mind for creating fictionalized stories sprinkled with realistic accuracy.  While the characters within may have been elementary aged kids, the themes, messaging, and parental influence present were well beyond their years. 


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