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5/5 ⭐️ | The Birth of Gods by C.E. Hatton

There are missing people and strange occurrences happening in a city lost in immorality and fashioned to a world of doing things all their own. Who can be trusted or seem to know why horrific deeds have conspired so long the way that they are? The watchmen, horses, and peculiar findings in Redver sets the ambiance of a different time and place. 

The two main characters Targus and Ardent are looking high and low for answers and will continue their search. Why do the villagers keep quiet as the treacherous acts and bodies pile up? As fiction meets fantasy with creatures and even a fairy in the Chemist's lab; the city is in question with murders, magic, and suspects. Suvi is an impressive character who lives in the city, as she fights to protect and regain her father’s assets. 

I recommend this book if you like fantasy fiction with a gruesome twist. Everyone in the book has a name and there are many characters in the story. Therefore pay close attention as you travel through the city of Redver unfolding the crime, murders, creatures, and mystery of The Birth of Gods.

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