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5/5 ⭐ |The Basement: Dark Past by M. Marie Walker

“Sometimes love is twisted” – p. 119

No one captures the above sentiment better than author M. Marie Walker. She has crafted a relationship full of twisted love in this heart pounding, emotional and intimate look at mental health and love. From the characters to their experiences, their internal battles, and struggles, “The Basement: Dark Past” captures the harsh realities of a twisted kind of love and the effects of childhood traumas.

Connor is married to the love of his life, a woman he’s been infatuated with his whole life, someone he’s watched since childhood. Brynn, widowed due to the brutal murder of her husband in their own home, as witnessed by her nephews, is wholly in love with Connor despite the devastating loss of her first husband. Convincing Connor, all of him, of her unconditional, all-consuming love for him is proving harder than she first thought though. Brynn believed the brutal murder was all behind her, but is it?

Readers are left early on wondering about Connor’s stint in a Juvenile center as we are slowly fed bits of his history, personalities, and darker sides. Walker has a true talent for injecting key moments of history through memories, flashbacks, dreams, and the raw emotion draws out via deeper character elements. She isn’t afraid to capture the dark sides of real life through her stories and the persons within.

“The Basement: Dark Past” takes readers to a dark place, an unfortunate reality for some people suffering with mental health issues. Walker’s portrayal within left me feeling empathetic and yet terrified as I devoured the twisted plot, and twisted love within.

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