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5/5 ⭐ | THE BASEMENT: DARK PAST by M. Marie Walker

I thought this book was excellent!!! It touched on so many realistic events that happen way too often in life. There is a trigger warning for child abuse, violence, rape, and mental illness; so yes it is harsh at times. Yet these are subjects that in my opinion that need to be addressed.

There is a well done back story at the beginning which I thought was good. Often I have noticed authors skip this step but it gives me a stronger connection to the characters.

The character building is done very well; letting the reader understand each character, how they live and what they have been through. The main character has serious mental illnesses and the author lets the reader know exactly why he is the way he is currently.

At the same time we have the current story taking place with all the characters involved. As well as different people from all walks of life. This to me was as realistic as it could be. Yes there are a lot of terrible and horrific things that happen to different characters but they are real situations that unfortunately happen everyday.

The fact that The Basement: Dark Past takes the truth of mental health head

on had me interested from the beginning. Then the fact of how it can play out in someone's life and effect the others around them is beyond well written. If you are interested in an honest and very intense book about mental illness and the tragedies that it can manifest with many shocking events; you need to grab a copy and read The Basement: Dark Past. Put it at the top of your reading list.

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