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5/5 ⭐ | The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: Jade, the Youngest Ever Witch by Wallace E. Briggs

Jimmy and Jade make for an exciting duo. As Jade finishes the last of her witch training, to become the youngest witch ever, she must complete seven more trials on her own. Within each of these trials readers are promised an action-packed, intelligence needed, diagnostic and solution, making for an exciting read. In this, the fifth book in the series, Jimmy arguably has the most adventure and exploration of the realms yet, as Jade and Jimmy work to accomplish success.

What I so loved about the fourth book, “The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: The Emerald Lake,” is ratcheted up seven levels in this novel, with more excitement, adventure, and fun. Perfect for readers of all ages as we learn problem solving and working together with a diverse cast of characters. In “The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: Jade, the Youngest Ever Witch,” readers are given even more sightings of witches and guardians, from the introduction of new and old characters, Jade’s endeavors to complete her witch training are as fun as ever.

Author Wallace E. Briggs’ knack for creating vividly fun and fantastical scenes, to the emotions elicited by the characters and tests they face, make this my favorite Jimmy Crikey read yet. Reading entirely as a standalone but providing references to tie in the other four books, for those that may be following along in Jimmy’s adventures, this read is truly magical for all who crack its spine. What the author describes as having begun as a fun way to entertain his son and friends in poor weather is now being shared with the masses, and how fortunate are we to be invited to escape into the fantasy world of Jimmy and friends. Whether this is your first Jimmy adventure, or your fifth, you won’t be disappointed.

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