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5/5 ⭐ | The Adventures of Jimmy Crickey: Jade, the Youngest Ever Witch by Wallace Briggs.

This is the second book in The Adventures of Jimmy Crickey series that I have had the pleasure of reading. The imagination of the author, William Briggs, is wonderful!!! For those who aren't familiar with Jimmy Crickey, the main character, he is an alien who has decided to make Earth his home. Particularly in the magical land of Roombelow.

Jimmy has befriended in earlier adventures the Four Guardian Witches of the Earth's realms. In this adventure the witch Matilda, the leader of the Guardians has taken on an apprentice named Jade who is close to finishing her apprenticeship. However she must complete a few tasks and they must be done on her own before she is introduced into the coven of sisters.

Jimmy and Jade go through quite a few situations with a multitude of characters and creatures. My personal favorite being a horde of rock eating scarab beetles who threaten an underground land. The adventures take Jimmy and Jade from the underground land to sky islands as well as leading them to an island in the arctic.

The author takes the reader on a journey way beyond the mind. There are a multitude of other characters as well, including another alien race trying to save their own planet. As well as Cleoptra who has given birth to one of the Guardian's son.

This book is an excellent read for children into their teens. Its exciting, has great morals to be learned about helping others and taking responsibility.  It is completely full of fantasy and grabs your attention from the beginning to the end. A wonderful series!!!!

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