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5/5 ⭐️ | Strength in Motion: The Next Chapter of Stroke by Terence Ang

First of all, I want to thank the Author Terence Ang for having such an incredible mindset after all the hardship and difficult moments he has been through his life.

About the book, It's a very well-written documentary book about stroke survivors and the author tries to share his true story with genuine pictures, videos includes a QR Code of his stroke journey that gives you the real experience to keep going with him step-by-step and learn about his condition.

The book is informative, inspiring, encouraging, and full of life lessons. It's a must-read for anyone, such as those who are facing a stroke to figure out that this scary obstacle is not the end of life, and they should keep fighting as the book brings the impossible cases that could make and overcome it.

The book is also for others who should be educated about stroke and how to treat those who are struggling with it.I enjoyed reading the book and loved the handwriting statement parts.

In the end, I would love to share some great quotes with you from the book...

In the sprawling tapestry of our lives, certain events unravel with a startling clarity, forever etching their mark upon the canvas of our existence.

It felt like a constant maze through my own thoughts, and the loss of control was a bitter pill to swallow.

Trying to speak often felt like walking through thick fog, words slipping away like shadows even though I was trying my best.

Allowing myself to make mistakes and learn from my missteps was a liberating feeling. It was as if a weight I had carried for years had been lifted from my shoulders.

When the bridge of language falters, the very relationships that used to offer comfort can turn into sources of despair.

It was as if the ground had been pulled out from under my feet. Laying there sprawled on the unforgiving pavement, what seemed like an eternity must have passed. A fleeting moment, a slip, a loss of footing, and the world seemed to tilt on its axis.

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