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5/5 ⭐️ | REASONS by Anthony Owens

The story begins as an endearing relationship between Kyle Blakenship and his young son Ryan. He’s dealing with being a single parent and their day to day life. While comforting his son from the loss of his mother. But suddenly the story shifts and then you’ll be whisked into mystery and the REASONS which led him to becoming a single parent. 

This book is filled with thought provoking occurrences, emotion, and suspense. I especially like the clear view of how the author reminisces on past events and situations. Although it doesn’t make the story confusing as to what place in time you’re in. It was very easy to distinguish whether Kyle was thinking or if it was present time.  Which made the book more interesting to me as if the story was being told by the main character himself. 

The attention to details and what happens next with unfolding the mystery of Kyle’s loss will keep you absorbed. Anthony Owens has done an outstanding job of writing REASONS and I am deeply impressed with his ability to touch readers emotionally. If you like stories about mystery, love, loss, and murder, then I recommend reading this book.

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