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5/5 ⭐ | Pagin’ You by Alicia Weathers-Grey

O’Shea and Sanaa go way back. But when O’Shea leaves for the military Sanaa is forced to move on without him. So, when their worlds collide once again, their decisions leading up to that point affect how they move forward. Will it ever work, or has too much happened?

“Pagin’ You” opens with an author’s disclaimer. As a reader, I greatly appreciated this disclaimer as it set the tone for what to expect from this story. Author, Alicia Weathers-Grey recognizes, through this disclaimer, that this is a short story revolving around two characters, O’Shea and Sanaa. These two characters are the story. Rather than building the scene, providing depth and background, Weathers-Grey sticks to these two, letting their dialogs, and their actions tell the story. And let me tell you, O’Shea and Sanaa completely suck you in. You root for O’Shea and feel for Sanaa. There’s anger, love, passion, deeper feelings, and emotions present for the characters and the reader along for the ride. You can’t help but feel part of their team, like you don’t even need the entire lead up or background because Weathers-Grey drops you right into the good parts, and makes you feel like you know them completely.

The author does such an incredible job accomplishing what she sets out to do in “Pagin’ You.” She creates two strong characters that resonate with readers and allow us to feel connection. As each chapter flips between O’Shea and Sanaa you sink deeper into their lives and their decisions until you are fully immersed.

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