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5/5 ⭐ | First Bullet by Andrew Ceroni

Step aside Jack Ryan and John Krasinski, there’s a new action hero in town! Dave McClure is the total package, moves through covert operations with ease, jet sets around the globe saving the world, and makes sure he’s home for his pregnant wife, former NCIS Agent. With non-stop action, tracking down terrorists, and saving the world from WWIII, McClure is an easy character to root for in “First Bullet.”

The fight scenes, story, plot, and espionage are extremely realistic thanks to author Andrew Ceroni’s own career as a Senior Supervisory Special agent in espionage, counterespionage, and antiterrorism operations. Bringing his career to the page, Ceroni holds nothing back as the Germans plot a WWIII catalytic event.

From Colorado to Virginia, Germany, and more Dave McClure will stop at nothing to save the world. Hand to hand combat, evading snipers, tracking in the mountains, and gun fights there is so much action packed into this read. And yet, there is incredible attention to detail in the plotting of the underlying story, the intel gathering from allies and ops, the sneaking and spying, and the foreign positions of power that play such a massive role in this book, making for an extremely well-rounded story.

Andrew Ceroni has written a wholly enjoyable book. His characters are relatable, yet bad ass, emotional, yet fearless, as he gives them lives outside of their careers. “First Bullet” reads like an action movie, with thrilling chases and dynamic dialogue, readers won’t be able to get enough of Dave McClure.

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