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5/5 ⭐ | Fearless in Heels by Kathy Piperno

Our main character Frankie is saying “no more” to domestic violence and abuse.  Despite being a fictionalized character, author Kathy Piperno shares real life experiences through Frankie.  “Fearless in Heels” shows readers what it’s like to live in an abusive relationship, the secrets and hopes kept private, and the belief and help from just one person that can turn it around.  Today, Kathy Piperno, Esq. helps others suffering in domestic violence situations, fighting in the courtroom and the board room for their freedom and power to be returned.

Frankie learned to outwardly portray fearlessness growing up in her catholic, Italian family.  As the odd one out she never wanted to disappoint, hoping to meet her family’s expectations and overachieve as much as possible. Even as she was being abused, Frankie was always worried about how others’ expectations of her would falter, would the bruises be visible, would anyone else discover what was happening behind closed doors?  With dreams to one day fall in love and practice law she found a believer who set her towards her dreams to become a Juris Doctorate.  While the desire for love took hard lessons, fear of death, and another friend in her corner, “Fearless in Heels” is a story with a happy ending. 

Not all stories end as Frankie’s does, but she continues to work as the advocate and supporter those in abusive situations need. From the eye-opening innocence of childhood to lust, pain, love, and dreams fulfilled, “Fearless in Heels” is an extraordinarily insightful story for all to behold.

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