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5/5 ⭐ | Emerging From the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories by Terence Ang

Author Terence Ang’s books are uniquely captivating. After suffering a stroke, Ang had to relearn many skills he took for granted, such as speaking, writing, and drawing. Through his rehabilitation and journey back to his new normal he began to share his story. First, in his book “A Cry In The Dark: A Stroke Survivor’s Story of Hope and Recovery,” then through “Emerging From the Dark: Wish I Knew About This,” and now in this “Emerging From the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories.”

Each of Ang’s books are an experience in themselves. Written by his hand and accompanied by drawings, pictures, doodles, and phrases. Showing off his stroke progress through his penmanship and illustrations, while also sharing the stories and experiences of others, “Emerging From the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories” is a powerful read. Interspersed with moving quotations, relatable motivations, and stories from other stroke survivors and caregivers, this book is extraordinary.

There were many things these stories had in common, from no one expecting this to happen to them, to the discomfort with having to lean on others for support, especially in tasks they’d taken for granted. This is an eye-opening read. Seeing into the minds of both Terence Ang and those he chose to highlight within. End capped with supporting words from medical acquaintances and those he’s met through his ongoing work with the Singapore National Stroke Association. This book shows, on full display, the power of Ang’s words, pictures, and influence since undergoing recovery of his own stroke.

Reading “Emerging From the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories” is a powerful experience. Each of Ang’s book’s spark a new sense of understanding of his and others’ stroke stories. Readers will emerge with a new understanding, sense of compassion and empathy, as well as a sense of enjoyment through Ang’s drawings and insights.

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