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5/5 ⭐ | Emerging From the Dark by Terence Ang

In 2020 author Terence Ang suffered a stroke that altered his life forever. In his first book “A Cry in the Dark” he described his stroke and recovery in a unique and intuitive way, using both words and illustrations to portray his feelings and experiences. His second book, “Emerging From the Dark,” came about after he was invited to speak at the 2022 World Stroke Congress held in Singapore. During this event he met with several individuals undergoing their own stroke recovery as well as caregivers and hospital staff, sparking the idea for his second book.

“Emerging From the Dark” by Terence Ang again uses his now signature illustrations and unique portrayal to tell the stories of other stroke survivors and even some of their caregivers. This book offers insights for medical workers, stroke survivors, caregivers, and even those who have never been, or not yet been, affected by stroke.

One thing was very clear throughout this read, no one ever expected they would be impacted by a stroke. Some had symptoms come on rapidly, others just had a “weird” feeling, some lived healthy and physically fit lives, others were stressed, lacked sleep, drank, and smoked. However, all reported similar feelings post stroke of no longer recognizing their own body, grieving what used to be simple tasks, and feeling the guilt of having to rely so heavily on others. But they also overwhelmingly indicated that each day is a new day, not to give up, understand that there may be limitations to overcome but that life is very much still worth living. Each individual included in this book had a positive outlook, but said it was no easy road to getting there.

The drawings, quotes, and pictures within the pages of “Emerging From the Dark” aid in letting readers see into the minds and thoughts of the individuals within. Ang does such a great job drawing readers in and engaging them through his talented illustrations. He’s done so much for the stroke community as he continues to share the necessary stories on the road to recovery, including two insightful, meaningful, and worthwhile books. This second book, “Emerging From the Dark” is a phenomenal read, continuing on in his extraordinary work of bringing stroke awareness into the light!

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