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5/5 ⭐ | Death By Theft: A Josiah Reynolds Mystery 19 by Abigail Keam

Josiah Reynolds makes her living selling honey from her bees, boarding horses, and running a catering business.  Living in the Kentucky Bluegrass along the Palisade cliffs, she lives in a home affectionately called The Butterfly.  With a back wall made of glass overlooking the Kentucky River it has to be quite the sight.  Neighboring Josiah is the farm owned by Lady Elsmere.  Having just bred her horse Jean Harlow with Comanche, Lady Elsmere believes this colt, aptly named Last Chance, is her final shot at winning the Kentucky Derby. 


But, when Last Chance goes missing and the security guard on duty that night is found dead, it appears Lady Elsmere’s hopes and dreams have gone out the door as well.  As delightful beekeeper, toiling around her farm with her loyal two-hundred-pound English Mastiff, Baby by her side, Josiah is entirely unaware of the mischievous disappearance and death that occurred just next door.  That is until Lady Elsmere requests a favor from Josiah and she, along with her rogue secret agent-esque daughter, are once again pulled into the mystery.    


“Death By Theft” is the 19th in the Josiah Reynolds Mystery series.  However, despite this it reads successfully as a standalone, and yet makes you excited to read more of Josiah’s deadly encounters. 

Author Abigail Keam is a master in cozy mysteries.  With inviting covers, intriguing characters who just happen to be good at solving puzzles, and myriads of escapades that make for a great read. 


Set amongst the beauty of Kentucky, “Death By Theft” shines a light on horse racing, gambling, and the money behind the scenes.  Settle in for an enjoyable read through the Kentucky horse racing underworld as Josiah Reynolds stumbles into yet another puzzle to solve.


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