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5/5 ⭐ | China vs USA A Primer for Skeptics (Politix Book 1) by David Blomstrom

I found this book extremely intriguing. We sometimes see China on the news in relation to the United States. However, have you ever really asked yourself; what do you actually know about China? Or for that matter what you know about the relations between the USA and China.

The author writes straightforwardly and it's very easily understood. I have always been interested in politics but in his first book in a series of two he gives us so much more.

History is touched on but as we know the Chinese history is very extensive. The Chinese military is discussed as well as the government and it's domestic affairs. Taiwan and China is gone into good detail.

What interested me the most was the topics such as cyberattacks as well as the coronavirus. The sections on these controversial topics were quite enlightening. Along with some very nice artwork, maps, and an easy to navigate book; I thought it was an excellent read. Very knowledgeable and informative.

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