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5/5 ⭐ | Broken Harmone (My House Series Book Two) by M. Marie Walker

“Broken Harmone” is the second book in the My House series. The follow up to “My House” where we were introduced to Mike Harmon, his family, wife, and friends. “My House” ends with an explosive Thanksgiving meal between the characters, leaving off right where this second book picks up.

Readers will immediately be jolted by this read as the prologue gives us a rare look at childhood love, and the beauty that can arise through the cracks of a broken home life. Julien Harmone and Brooklyn Avery are strangers to each other outside of this playground where they meet. Using their middle names only, and being from different schools and neighborhoods, they begin to lean on each other and fall in love. Fast forward to the present-day Thanksgiving when Mike’s life seems to be upended, this prologue reminds readers of the happy moments between the hard emotions.

While Mike may let his “assholism” out every once in a while, his caring, supportive, and strong nature make him an ideal lead for this book. Through the emotional moments, and hot scenes, Mike’s personality shines through. From the witty banter to his heartfelt and tender moments, author M. Marie Walker has created a well-rounded, full, and tangible character. Mike feels like the CEO next door, while also holding immense power over the reader’s emotions and body temperature.

Author M. Marie Walker also has a way with dialogue and conversation, as she again shows in this follow up novel. During conversations, Walker simultaneously inserts readers into the characters head and heart, so they literally feel and process as if they are that character, embracing their personality, thoughts, and words.

Thus, while Mike’s childhood and family continued to remain at the forefront of this novel, I really like that Walker began to center his work life more in “Broken Harmone.” We were introduced to colleagues and shown Mike’s perspective as it pertains to interior design and detail. “Broken Harmone” maintained all the heart pounding and sizzling scenes from “My House,” while giving readers more depth and emotion from our main characters within.

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