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5/5 ⭐ | Blessed Brokenness by Reverend Matthew Hogan

Seeing God's Glory in the Ashes of Life

Blessed Brokenness is an encouraging book for those who have faced difficult times with health, finances, and disappointment. It is a testimony for those who feel like God has not heard their cry or not seen their sufferings. This book shares a story of hope, hardships, and endurance. All things work together for those who love the Lord.

Reverend Hogan writes as though he's sitting in front of you and speaking which propels you to read further. My favorite line which moved my heart is, “The belief that we need it our way steals joy and keeps us from seeing the beauty in all the things He has blessed us with.” This book uses scriptures as reference. To help with understanding a few points of how the author applies those teachings to his life. Which is simply an endearing testimony about one man's life experiences on how he trusted God.

This book helps one find peace in knowing that His grace is sufficient and He will supply our needs. Maybe not the way we want but that He always comes through. This book testifies many stories on how God showed His care and love in many trying times for the author. It's a great testimony of how he persevered and rested on the promises of God.

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