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5/5 ⭐ | Betrayed by Joseph Lewis

Author Joseph Lewis is a master at sucking readers in from the very first pages. Deliberate and detailed, Lewis has created a world within his manuscripts that brings its characters with it from book to book. This means, each character introduced, from the very details of their appearance, to their conversations with others, is fair game for showing up in his other works, and very often these little easter eggs make their way in. This level of detail is what makes Lewis’ writing so easy to fall in love with. Readers embrace the characters, their flaws, talents, and particulars as they come back time and time again across the various pages in Lewis’ nine books to date. Such as Brian’s skill with a gun, or George’s uncanny ability to walk a crime scene, both of which play a role in “Betrayed.”

“Betrayed” transports readers from the comforts of Wisconsin to the harsh desert climate of Arizona. In the heart of the Navajo Nation, George returns home with his brothers Brian and Brett to find his missing friend. Traversing via horse and desert roads, the brothers and the law enforcement tasked with keeping an eye on them, are plagued with those that are ‘dine refusing to speak to them. Up against the clock as Rebecca’s brother has left no trail, the boys must come together if everyone is to survive.

Michael Two Feathers makes his debut appearance in “Betrayed,” a character I am so excited to have join the fold as I loved his vulnerability in “Fan Mail.” Having him centered in “Betrayed” was a welcome treat. From introducing a new key character, down to giving the stray wolf-dog Brian befriends a lovable personality, Lewis has once again nailed it in this Navajo Nation desert read.

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