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5/5 ⭐ | Anything for Terresa by Leslie Olson

“Anything for Terresa” is a read where I felt simultaneously educated and entertained. Author Leslie Olson is themselves a pioneer in the field of organ donation. Having spent 55 years in organ donation, the level of knowledge and understanding they applied to crafting this read is impeccable. From the conversations our main character Jack Stone has with families surrounding donation for their own loved ones, to the description of kidney perfusion, and transplant surgery, the detail is extraordinary.

Set in the late 1980s, Jack Stone is a transplant coordinator in Miami. Well versed in the art of transplantation, Jack works across hospitals throughout the Miami area to promote donation and deliver donated kidneys to those who match. Conversely, John Nellano has killed for a lot less than a kidney, and is willing to do anything for his granddaughter, Terresa. Jack’s keen eye and finger on the pulse of the kidney donor network, and his questioning nature may be his undoing. This pulse pounding, highly enthralling read was the perfect combination of greed, grace, and transplantation.

“Anything for Terresa” is a fantastic read, set in the beautiful climate of Miami, surrounding the medical field, during the pioneering age of kidney transplant. Housed amongst a sinister crew of villains, with a touch of romance, Jack Stone is the perfect hero next door. With a fresh appreciation for the art, skill, and importance of organ donors and kidneys, Olson delivers the full package with this book!

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