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5/5 ⭐ | 4am Thoughts by Missie Grover

Sweet Poetry!

I'm a big fan of Missie's Poetry. I've had the honor of reading many of the author's poems prior to her wonderfully written book. She has a way of using the right words in a rhythmic way which keeps you in tune with what is written.

She touches on many different aspects of life and masterfully brings the words together to deliver meaningful pieces of literary art through her poetry. In this book you will read poems about Love, Spirituality, and Wisdom.

It's a great ability and skill to be able to use simplistic words to deliver a message. In this book there isn't anything to decipher or abstract to figure out what the poet is trying to say. For me, that is a huge plus when reading poetry.

I call this clean, sweet, and to the point Poetry! I recommend this book to anyone who is a lover of poetic prose. Most importantly it's a book that can be appreciated and enjoyed that anyone can relate to.

Click the Book to get your Copy!

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