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4/5 ⭐ | We Can Do Better: Setting the Pace for the Next Generation

On March 15, 2020, I remember my supervisor coming to inform me that my job duties would now be done on a remote basis. Apparently, COVID-19 had reached levels of contamination where the nation deemed the surging virus as a pandemic. A week or two later, I remember a conversation with a supervisor where I was told that this pandemic would change the make-up of society forever. There was no going back to embrace today. Within days I realized that COVID-19 was not just a national problem but a global epidemic.

We Can Do Better: Setting the Pace for the Next Generation takes us on a trip down memory lane, revisiting the COVID-19 epidemic and its effect on US all. D. Jomo’s goal is to create awareness of the different needs of people resulting from the pandemic on both a micro and macro level. I particularly enjoyed the section where he wrote about the role of essential workers during the wake of COVID-19. After reading this section, not only will your view of who essential workers change, but the appreciation that you have for essential workers will change as well.

This book is inclusive of challenges and triumphs of all groups of people. I love how the author includes reflective questioning for the reader to deepen their insight on the various subjects. The author also does a good job communicating suggested solutions to the different dilemmas presented throughout the readings. We all have the responsibility of helping to make this world a better place; this is something the author understands fully.

The book is very informative and would recommend to anyone lacking information on the impact of COVID-19. I believe this book can give us insight on dealing with epidemics that we have yet to face as well.

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