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4/5 ⭐ | The Danger of Falling in Love New Poems in English & Spanish by Jeff King

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

In his first collection of poems author Jeff King really says it best, “writing poetry, is like taking a knife to that thing and whittling away everything you used to cover the pain” (p. 1). His book “The Danger of Falling in Love” is his remaining truth, after everything else has been stripped away.

This unique collection of poems tells a story. Raw and emotional, baring all to the reader. Uniquely offering each poem in English and immediately following it with a Spanish translation. From childhood, to pets, difficult relationships, and manipulative partners this assortment of verses expresses an emotional wave.

The range, breadth and litany of feelings these poems will evoke ranges as readers immerse themselves in the pages. Breaking up each poem as you then enchant yourself in the Spanish translation, adding a sense of beauty to King’s feelings. With many years of Spanish under my own belt I enjoyed diving back in to the language with the help of the proceeding English counterpart.

Bravo to King as he leaves his emotions to the pen and brings these stories to life via the poems scattered across the pages. From the poem Bang, Bang to Be a Rag Doll, I felt the fight against the darkness and the memories surfacing in his writing.

Click the book to get your copy today!

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