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5/5 ⭐ | Outfection by Craig Stucko

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

A wonderful book with an excellent story line. The book starts out leaving the reader with the intriguing question of what exactly is going on?? I loved this approach because the author builds from this point taking turns at every corner.

The main character John was built up throughout the book very well during the novel. The other characters were brought into the story with ease and always at the perfect time. The love story built in gave interesting flow to the main character and his decisions to save the world.

No spoilers here but I do have to say the evasive character of the ghost was an amazing touch and a crucial one to the novel. I say this because as a character each and every decision the ghost made had intense and changing aspects to the core of the story.

At times it seemed things were stretched out but this was not a bother to me; I saw it as laying out the details of a book that was very well written. Another huge aspect I loved about Outfection was the originality of the story, something you don't always find in a book. Excellent read!!!!!

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