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Perform the wedding ceremony for your granddaughter. If you are worried about the legality of marrying the living to the dead, just remember, the nuns have been marrying a dead man for centuries" an excerpt from page 14.

Gordon Horton's Jason King is a fascinating book that had me enthralled until I finished indulging my relatable emotions in it. It's a book that delves into spirituality, shamanism, and several other intriguing themes expounded in it.

This book detailed the life of the protagonist, Jason who followed the instructions of Geronimo to kill and marry off his daughter to the dead. Jason was misled or brainwashed about believing some facts about spirituality, and the link that exists between the dead and the living that he had not reconsider Geronimo's word before he embarked on the adventurous task. Jason eventually killed his daughter, Becky, and the aftermath results in him having lots of emotional effects whenever someone talks about it.

Jason was made to believe the sort of relationship that exists between the departed and the living, with some ideas about the afterlife, this story delves into themes that I wasn't familiar with, which was entirely new and engaging to me.

The story is told through multiple characters, and it's written in the first-person point of view, with a narrator's voice, that in my perception, I think is that of the main character, Jason. However, there are introductions of new characters as the story unfolds. It's interesting to know that some part of the story is tragic, some are hilarious and others are action-driven.

The storytelling techniques are quite enthralling, the characterization is captivating, some of my most admirable characters within this book are those named, Karan, Becky and Greg, Geronimo, and Jason himself. I also love the introduction of Billy Carol, though, it's tragic to know about the death of his wife, Lisa. The story is mostly told through the conversation that exists between the characters, and this style, in my opinion, made for an interesting read.

All in all, Gordon Horton's Jason King is a book that I truly enjoyed and I look forward to reading the second book series, Little Feathers. I recommend this book to lovers of ghost fiction and literature at large.

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