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5/5 ⭐ | Voices in the Night by David T. Wolf

Nick Clayborne blames himself for a lot of things, topping that list is the death of his wife. So, when women start turning up dead, women he indirectly has a connection to, he doesn’t want to standby and regret not doing something to save them.

After his motorcycle accident, Nick found a harmless way to pass the time, while not entirely legal, he finds his new pastime is amusing nonetheless. Set in the early age of cell phones, Nick sits atop a cliff near the San Francisco Bay, 900 feet above sea level, using his car scanner to pick up private cell phone conversations. Back when cell phones used analog frequencies this hobby allowed him the privilege of being featured in Rolling Stones magazine and even got him picked up for a book deal. With notebooks full of information for his book, he feels connected to the women, the couples, and the conversations he hears on his scanner night in and night out. He even begins to fall for one of the women, not knowing what she looks like, or even where she lives. However, when the women begin turning up dead with alarming frequency, he becomes the number one suspect.

I’m of the generation that remembers the excitement of the first cell phone. Then, when cell phones with a camera came out, they felt like such an exciting development. And, well…look at us now. “Voices in the Night” was not only reminiscent for me, taking me back to earlier times, but was so well written and developed that it simultaneously drew me to the past while quickly dragging me into the drama, the suspense, and the intrigue within.

Author David T. Wolf is a masterful storyteller! I could easily picture Nick Clayborne limping with his cane, or sitting at the wheel of his car scanning for conversations. The dialogue, the progression, characters, and storyline were entirely engrossing. Sweating with Nick as the cat found a fun new toy in his yard, to fearing for the safety of the women from the scanner, Wolf has crafted as suspenseful masterpiece.

“Voices in the Night” is my first glimpse into Wolf’s writing, and what a talented author he is. Aptly named for Clayborne’s evening activities, the villain of this story will surely keep you up at night and have you second guessing your cell phone usage.

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