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5/5 ⭐ | Project Übermensch by Lonnie Busch

Updated: Apr 24

Author Lonnie Busch is no stranger to making the bizarre, realistic.  During the time of the Manhattan Project, another project was occurring.  Using more of Einstein’s theory, instead of nuclear bombs, this project sought invisibility.  The unprepared shipman, those aboard the USS Eldridge, comprise the crew experimented upon in the Navy Shipyard of Philadelphia.  In 1943 the experiment is undergone, leaving many of the men aboard changed.  One man in particular, Peter Smithwick is cut out of the ship’s deck and saved while many others don’t make it. 


Present day, Geoffrey Cannon lives against the wooded backdrop of Kleary Creek.  As an inspirational seminar leader, with a cult like following, Cannon has a knack for connecting with people and centering them in the present.  Local Kleary Creek handy man and painter, Orvin Littney innocently stops at Cannon’s property one morning to welcome him to town, invite him to his church, and advertise his painting services.  While chatting, Orvin suffers a heart attack and given the presence of Geoffrey is saved in time to make a full recovery.  The events of that fateful morning endear readers to both Geoffrey Cannon and Orvin Littney, opening our eyes to more that may be afoot. 


Busch makes the mundane extraordinary as events begin occurring at Geoffrey’s seminars, bodies begin piling up in the woods of Kleary Creek, and the mystery of ET and The Lodge intrigue.  Captivated by the spell, the storyline, and the suspense, “Project Übermensch” is a whirlwind of past and present.  Busch expertly traverses the metaphysical as strange occurrences continue to surround Geoffrey Cannon.  Savior and secrets, light and dark, follower and followed, “Project Übermensch” is mysteriously entertaining. 


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