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5/5 ⭐ | Light Harvesters by Arthur Sellers

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

A refreshing book in the science fiction genre. Light Harvesters had my attention page after page from one chapter to the next. Set in the not so far off future Arthur Sellers takes the readers on a awe-inspiring journey.

Some people live in virtual reality while others have fused life with computer engineering. Another group of people have made themselves immortal through technological advances programmed into artificial intelligence. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The characters in the book are excellent and intriguing. One of the main characters, Gracie, has the knowledge of all of humanity and if that isn't intense I don't know what is!!! She is surrounded by mystery as well, which makes her hands down my favorite character throughout the story. The dynamics between her and Hal, the other central figure are well done.

There is so many situations in the storyline there isn't a moment where the reader desires more. The author really did a fantastic job intertwining the story with aspects of technology, mystery, suspense, even an underlining tone of romance.

Whether you are a science fiction fan or simply a reader who enjoys a great book; I urge you to get a copy of the Light Harvesters and enjoy. It is a wonderful roller coaster with twist and turns all the way up to the end. There was nothing to disappoint about this novel at all!!!


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