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5/5 ⭐ | Life Between The Words by Nolan Halloway

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

An exquisite collection of poems. The author takes the reader through a journey of emotions including love, grief, sadness, and thoughtfulness. I really enjoyed the depth that the author conquered. This is a book of poetry that everyone can relate to because it covers the human experience.

Covering the grieving process the author expresses his reliance on the blessings of the higher power. I simply loved the complete honesty of life's experiences and how often we feel a sense of duality causing confusion. At the same time how it can be overcome.

The arrangement of the poems are done beautifully letting the many, many emotions flow seamlessly. Fans of poetry should get their hands on a copy and give it a read. It has all the aspects of great poetry. I read it from start to finish but it's also a book I see myself picking back up and just picking a few poems to read again. A very nice poetic journey.

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