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5/5 ⭐ | Intermezzo: The Morality Plays Interludes (The Morality Plays Book 2) by Kimberly Greer

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

“I feel hunted and cornered, held captive by his will as he excavates my mind. I don’t resist because I don’t want to. I want him seeing every part of me, and I want inside of him.” – p. 23

Mateo Da Rocha is a psychology professor at American University, he’s a campus favorite and easy on the eyes. He decides to attend a conference session on “The Death of Journalism and the Rise of Information Domination” which just happens to feature Alexa Winston. It is during this speech that Mateo and Alexa first spark, from there the sexual tension only continues to bubble across the pages.

“Intermezzo” is broken into several interludes; each perfectly corresponds with the crucial plot turns of every romantic love story. From the initial attraction and meeting, to the dating and convincing of oneself this person is worth it, to the input from friends and confidants, Alexa and Mateo’s story unravels beautifully across the pages, through all the interludes. Every important romantic plot point is hit before the next interlude continues to carry the story onward and it is so brilliantly done. The scenery and dialog only further aid in adding to the tension built into this contemporary romance as readers alternate between Alexa and Mateo’s points of view, as they writhe in sexual tension.

Author Kimberly Greer has an exquisite way with words. She builds a tension so palpable and fun, with her plays on words and rotating points of views I was hooked from the first handful of pages. As a romance lover who craves diversity of character and wit, this read was everything, from the dialog to the supporting cast of characters I knew early on this book was going to be a great one!

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