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5/5 ⭐ | Day 305: A Short Story by Nicole Thomas

What would you do if you had a book that told you what would happen each progressive day of your life? Would you let it drive you mad? Would you throw it to the bottom of the ocean? Would you bury it?

“Day 305” kicks off with a bang. Paul and Brenda are at the beach enjoying a picnic as blood begins to seep through Paul’s white linen shirt and they return home. From this moment the horror and pace of the book have been set. Instantly, readers are drawn into author Nicole Thomas’ dark and twisty short story. Don’t let the handful of pages deter you. The fact that this read is so short makes it all the more terrifying. After turning the last page, my mind is still running on all the horrifying scenes I’m imagining following the abrupt cliff hanger. Thomas leaves you gasping for more as we imagine every scenario that could be playing out in Brenda and Paul’s home as the final page wraps. “Day 305” has a finale that invites you to lose sleep and get lost in the darkest thoughts of the mind as you wonder what could be happening.

Readers will itch for more from Nicole Thomas as “Day 305” accomplishes so much in such a short number of pages. Showing off her true writing talent, Thomas forms an entire past, present, and future in readers’ heads as we live alongside Brenda and Paul as they live out the horrors and predictions held within this mysterious book.

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