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5/5 ⭐ | A Quick Read: Short-Short Stories by Lynne Walker Bonner

As the title suggests, this is a quick, short read. With a smattering of stories ranging from department stores to office settings, fleas, weight, and much more. This compilation of true events and occurrences is an at times humorous, and entirely entertaining read.

Collections of short stories are some of my favorite types of reads. They allow for many different plots, and varying ranges of emotion, like fear, empathy, humor, and even sadness. Readers of short stories get a taste of so many different tales wedged between the front and back covers, that they truly make for some of the most enjoyable reads, and “A Quick Read: Short-Short Stories” is no different.

Author Lynne Walker Bonner has plucked some extremely memorable events from her true-life arsenal and delivered them swiftly to the page. Engaging readers from the very first celebrity sighting and holding them through vet visits, home falls, and home cleaning. With stories ranging from one page to several, none of the selected events was dull. Making you think at times, laugh at others, and wholly enjoy your short time with this book, Bonner has done an excellent job roping readers into her varying life experiences.

With forty years of experience writing, editing, and proofreading, Bonner’s skill is on full display as she crafts a memorable collection of shorts.

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