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5/5 ⭐ | a cry in the dark by Terence Ang

I was honored to receive a copy of Terence's book from him. A Cry In The Dark, is a profound true story told by the author. The man who lived it, Terrence Ang. A story of living with a disability and how a person can overcome so much when they keep a positive mindset and remain determined.

The perspective of how Terence tells the story is amazing. It's told as if he's teaching a young child to understand the setbacks and possible comebacks of having a disability. Terence had a stroke which left him with challenges that some have never overcome. However, little by little he set goals to get back what the stroke took from him.

One can not expound on the tragedy of a serious medical condition such as a stroke without touching on the obstacles and dealing with healthcare workers on the road to recovery. The author did a great job of expressing this. Step by step until he made a remarkable recovery that many would have not believed possible. From being confined to a bed to being able to walk again.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Terence tells his story and gives hope to so many with disabilities, as well as those without. It is a beautiful story of courage and prosperity. All of us could possibly face challenges of the same nature or close to it and the positivity of his story echoes out to the reader. The message of being able to get through the hard battles in life.


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