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5/5 ⭐️ | A Better Way To Smile Poems by Eric Bruce Smith

The author is your supportive friend who gives you great advice through his quotes, to let you learn about how to love and how to smile through the pain.

His book is thought-provoking with a lot of questions that question Love, Pain, Existence, and Desire.

The book is meant to awaken that bright side of you that is kind to help, give, love, and care, since stress and anxiety don't always lead to success and they may be great lonesome that one can't endure alone.

As you read more you'll find pieces that preach to you to appreciate the love within yourself first, so you'll be able to love others next, to build a better world to live with one another peacefully.

I love many pieces but I want to mention "At the Water" on pages 117 and

"Close to you" 172.

And here are some of my favorite lines from the book...

"Can peace ever be obtained in a chaotic world, that only look to war for answers? Can we actually live in peace before we rest in peace?"

"The threat of death becomes normal when you don't fear it anymore. As my mind grows stronger and my patience becomes great, there are no disappointments in this world that can consume me. I'm not Invincible, I'm just always ready for whatever this life sends my way."

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